You can retain our services for initiating a contractual relationship, starting from drawing up a requirements profile for the respective contracting party, creating a requirements specification document, and also covering the tender procedure and negotiations for contract drafting. In this area we can also advise you on any annexes that may be needed for the contracts. That is because such annexes together with a detailed scope of performance are of tremendous importance when it comes to contact risk management.

There is a wide range of different warehouse types, also depending on the specific industry requirements. Despite having some things in common, a pharmaceutical warehouse is different from a food warehouse (although similarities do exist at least in terms of refrigeration and freezer equipment as well as documentation). A textiles warehouse is completely different, and the requirements to be met by a safe warehouse for air freight and customs on the one hand, or by a consignment warehouse on the other, are likewise similar only with regard to specific aspects. We have extensive experience in all these areas. This is also the case when it comes to requirements in the area of e-commerce or production lead times, particularly in the automotive industry.

Since sometimes a legal dispute cannot be avoided even with good contracts, we can also represent you both before the ordinary courts and arbitral tribunals whenever such disputes arise between parties, in both the German and English languages.

Our Focus Area Procurement and Logistics

With the support of our multidisciplinary team, you can maintain an overview of the regulations - and thus obtain a resilient framework for your contracts, business and projects.