25 July 2022 Press releases

First direct electricity link between Germany and the UK: GvW assists € 2.8 billion project

The financing for the NeuConnect offshore cable link between Germany and the UK is in place: supported by a consortium of over 20 national and international banks and financial institutions, The € 2.8 billion project can now be realized and will be supported by a consortium of over 20 national and international banks and financial institutions. The current GvW team with Guido Brucker and Dr. Maximilian Emanuel Elspas provided energy law support to NeuConnect from the very beginning, developing the regulatory cornerstones for this new "electricity highway" within the German legal and regulatory framework, coordinating with key stakeholders and contractually securing the link with the German electricity grid.

NeuConnect will be the first direct electricity connection between Germany and the UK. The project plan envisages a 725 km long power connection between Wilhelmshaven and the Thames Estuary. Up to 1.4 gigawatts of electricity are to flow between the two countries after the planned commissioning in 2028. The submarine cable will be able to supply up to 1.5 million households with electricity.

In addition to the economic aspects, the realisation of NeuConnect does contribute to climate protection: With the new offshore link, renewable energy can be exchanged between Germany and Great Britain and made usable. In addition, a resilient energy supply between Germany and the UK strengthens the connection between the two countries.

GvW advised NeuConnect on energy law and regulatory matters through Guido Brucker (lead, energy law/regulatory law) and Dr Maximilian Emanuel Elspas (energy law/corporate), as well as Dr Sebastian Rohrer (construction law) and Dr Dominik Greinacher (public law).

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