Healthcare is one of the only sectors characterized by the fact that its legal provisions are constantly changing. The demographic changes in the population also pose serious challenges for the entire healthcare industry.

Our “Health” practice is made up of an interdisciplinary team of lawyers from various offices. We advise service providers, particularly university clinics and private and public hospitals as well as pharmaceuticals companies.

Our key focuses in the industry:

  • State aid and subsidies (reclaiming subsidies, ANBest-P, ANBest-I, EFRE measures)
  • Takeovers and corporate holdings and financing, advice on restructuring
  • Protection and use of intellectual property (patent infringement proceedings, safeguarding intellectual property, etc.)
  • Structuring and advising on procurement projects in the field of services and supplies, construction Services and freelance services, advising on bidding procedures by private and public investors
  • Advising on the construction and renovation of buildings in the healthcare sector and on planning of clinical measures
  • Employment law and human resources (professional and the law governing contract doctors)
  • Assistance and advice in the field of compliance (legal parameters, corporate governance)