Transport Handling

The first step is to define the requirements profile for the requested work or service, also depending on whether the aim is to cooperate in the long term or bridge gaps in the short term. The requirements specification document and tender documents must be drawn up with this in mind. The negotiations must cover not only the performance of work and services as such but also the remuneration schemes and service levels. We assist you in all these areas and ultimately draft the contracts as well as the required annexes.

Whether you need road transportation, air freight, rail carriage, or international container or RoRo transport, also with multimode function, we can provide you with assistance not only within Germany but also throughout Europe or in global systems.

We can also advise you when you are looking to place transport organisation services with third parties in whole or in part and can draft the contracts required for this. That also includes return systems for loading aids, special load carriers as well as Euro pallets.

We have special industry expertise in the automotive, pharmaceutical, food, electronics and textile industries.

If despite well written contracts a dispute should nevertheless arise, we can represent you before the courts and arbitral tribunals in both the German and English languages.