Wirtschaftskanzlei Graf von Westphalen

Dr Ulf Gibhardt

Lawyer and Notary, Tax Consultant

Dr Ulf Gibhardt provides comprehensive advice in all matters relevant to notarisation for a notary. In addition to notarial support for real estate and corporate transactions and restructuring, his focus is on tax-optimised succession planning. His clients include many private clients, whom he assists at the interface of inheritance, gift, family, international private, corporate and tax law.


Frankfurt am Main
GvW Graf von Westphalen
Ulmenstrasse 23-25
60325 Frankfurt am Main


Worked for globally operating commercial law firm; partner in international commercial law firms


HERA, Fortbildungs-GmbH der hessischen Rechtsanwaltschaft; fiRAK, Fortbildungsinstitut der Rechtsanwaltskammer Stuttgart; NWB Akademie; Oldenburger Anwalts- und Notarverein e.V.; DAI – Deutsches Anwaltsinstitut e.V.; Bielefelder Fachlehrgänge für Rechtsanwälte und Notare; rakko Seminare der Rechtsanwaltskammer für den OLG-Bezirk Koblenz


Chamber of Notaries, Chamber of Lawyers and Chamber of Tax Consultants, each in Frankfurt am Main; STEP - Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners


German, English