21 November 2016 Press releases

Karlsruhe Sport Club gets a new stadium with GvW Graf von Westphalen

The new KSC Stadium is on the way: The city of Karlsruhe and the Karlsruhe Sport Club e.V. (KSC)  as well as the operating company signed for corresponding contracts last Friday. GvW Graf von Westphalen advised the football club on issues involving the law of governing construction, leases, real estate, public contracting, licensing, corporate matters and tax law.

Upon signing the development and lease agreement for the future stadium, the lease agreement for vacant space and the interim lease agreement on the existing Wildpark Stadium, the "second start" of discussion that has lasted over decades involving a new stadium for the former participant in the Europacup has ended. KSC president Ingo Wellenreuther spoke about "an historic day in the 122 year history of our KSC".

The Parties have agreed that the new construction of a stadium with a capacity for 35,000 spectators will be planned and constructed at the location of the current stadium. The city of Karlsruhe will request bids for the stadium project in a public negotiation process under the VOB/A lasting approx. one year on the basis of the functional specifications negotiated with the KSC as they have been updated, and the stadium will be constructed by a general contractor. The demolition and removal of the existing Wildpark Stadium as well as the new construction are supposed to take place while operations continue, i.e. while the match operations in the league are continued at the same time, by way of successively demolishing and newly constructing the stadium.

The cost for the stadium is estimated at € 74.5 million, and the total amount including the urban infrastructure measures is estimated to be € 114.5 million. Construction is supposed to begin in the fall of next year, and the City plans a time span of 30 months for the planning and construction. After completion of the stadium, the stadium company of the KSC will lease the stadium from the City, but also has the option to purchase and obtain an inheritable building right on the basis of a model involving the reimbursement of costs.

The following team advised KSC in this stadium project: Dr. Maximilian Jahn (lead/construction, landlord/tenant and real estate law, Thomas Schroiff (landlord/tenant law), Dr. Frank Süß (corporate law, licensing), Dr. Frank TschescheLars-Olaf Leskovar (tax law, Dr. Bettina Meyer-Hofmann (public contracting law) and Dr. Bettina Schmitt-Rady (public construction law).

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