03 March 2022 Press releases

Unlawful Ukraine inva­sion by Putin’s Russia – pro bono legal advice via Ukraine­hilfe@gvw.com

We are all shocked by Vladimir Putin’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine. Our hearts are with the innocent people suffering from this war.

It goes without saying that in these circumstances, we will not accept any business from companies that are controlled by the Russian government. We have reviewed our existing client relationships and have terminated or are in the process of terminating all business with Russian state-owned or state-aligned firms.

Since there is also a huge demand for legal advice in this catastrophic situation, the lawyers of our pro bono team are in touch with various charities to assist people arriving in Germany and non-profit organisations who help them. Please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here if you need legal support with your relief efforts or if you know where help is needed.

Christof Kleinmann & Dr Robert Theissen (GvW Managing Partners)


Head of Marketing and Communications
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