CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

For us as a law firm, corporate social responsibility (CSR) means a commitment to society and upholding ecological and social values.

We are convinced that as a law firm we can operate as a sustainable and value-driven business, and it is in that sense that we seek to fulfil our role and responsibility in society. Of particular importance to us in this regard is to engage everyone in the firm in these efforts, from apprentices to partners.

CSR goes beyond making a positive contribution to society and the environment. CSR projects are also inclusive and unifying in their effects, helping us to champion a cause in a determined team effort. We take a holistic approach to CSR as something encompassing the areas of pro bono legal advice, corporate volunteering, funding and support partnerships as well as climate and environmental protection. You can find select projects of GvW here.

Pro Bono

The importance of pro bono legal services is growing, also in Germany. It is useful and complementary to government support mechanisms such as legal aid towards promoting the rule of law.


Whether education, social issues or culture - as a law firm, GvW is involved in various organisations and projects. We present selected cooperations here.

Climate and environmental protection

How can we as a law firm contribute to reducing CO2 emissions? Our biggest CO2 contributor is air travel. GvW – and not just since corona – has initiated various measures to minimise domestic and international flights.

Corporate Volunteering

Helping out, getting to know other working and living environments together and getting involved in society - these are important goals of our corporate volunteering activities, in which our employees actively participate in various projects.


Senior Associate, Head of ESG & Sustainability

Strong environmental, social and governance practices in business are increasingly determining the competitiveness of companies. Our cross-disciplinary team keeps an eye on the regulatory, political and economic development of environmental social governance and provides holistic advice on implementing ESG criteria in your business practices.