GvW Veranstaltung

30 Juni 2016

Real estate in China – Do some bubbles never burst?

Will real estate in Shanghai soon be as expensive as in New York? Is it feasible for foreign companies to buy land and build factories when land is only granted for 20 years? What can we learn from case examples with respect to land acquisition for industrial use by foreign invested companies (including capital increase)? How can office tenants protect themselves against rental increases of 30% and more?"

This breakfast event aims at providing you an update on the current state of China's property market from both a commercial, legal and economic perspective. In especial an analysis on recent changes in Shanghai's real estate market, as well as an outlook on expected property market developments for the coming 12 months. The event will also cover current developments of the property law in the PR China.

GvW partner Dr Oliver Maaz will speak about his experiences in the field of commercial property in China. Besides his presentation there will be a Q&A session to address questions and concerns from the audience.