Outsourcing Logistics Operations

Outsourcing can take various forms: One can transfer one's own operation with employees and facilities to third parties, or one can close one's own part of the operation and have the tasks performed by third parties at a separate location with one's own personnel. The range in between is quite wide.
In each case, this means first and foremost a precise description of the services that must now be provided by third parties. It is therefore necessary to precisely formulate the individual services that were previously performed by the company itself, at least in terms of their objectives, in order to have an exact requirements profile.

From this then follows the possible selection of the third parties who must meet this requirement profile. Evidence can usually only be provided by reference projects. In contractual terms, however, this means the creation of very precise specifications and a remuneration structure that is often supposed to be aligned with the company's own cost structure to date.

In fact, however, such projects require comprehensive knowledge regularly in the area of labor law, always in the area of logistic service contracts, but frequently also in the areas of corporate law, real estate law and also tax law. Our law firm can provide this know-how in manageable team sizes from a single source.

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