GvW Veranstaltung

03 April 2024

Human Rights in Agricultural Production - Implementing the Food Security Standard as a Unique Selling Point for Kenyan Exports

Many products from Kenya are already produced in compliance with strict environmental guidelines — including coffee, tea, cocoa, palm oil, cotton, and sugar cane. The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)—which came into force in January 2023—and other regulations currently discussed in the EU are intended to address human and environmental rights in global supply chains more strongly.

The Food Security Standard (FSS) is a field-tested solution for implementing due diligence and managing human rights risks in agricultural production. By implementing the FSS, actors in the supply chain can demonstrate their due diligence. For workers, smallholders, and surrounding communities in producing countries, this improves working and living conditions and strengthens market opportunities.

FSS certification enables companies to demonstrate their commitment to human rights due diligence through independent certification. The FSS principles and criteria complement existing sustainability certification schemes by covering the human right to food in a holistic way.

Dr Julia Hörnig will talk about solutions for ensuring compliance with the prescribed due diligence obligations.

The session is organised by Welthungerhilfe in cooperation with the Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency.