GvW Veranstaltung

27 Februar 2013

Real Estate Investments in Germany - Doing it Smart

Once considered to be too conservative with less than desirable return on the investment, Germany is one of today’s hot beds of real estate investments in Europe — and rightly so. Many analysts and investors have changed their views as Germany has continued to be one of the very few economies today capable of providing stability in these times of financial turmoil. As the real estate markets elsewhere have proven to be bubbles, rents for residential and commercial properties in Germany have been and remain to be on the rise with interest levels at historical lows. But the German real estate market does not only hold promising perspectives for new investors, it also offers interesting challenges and opportunities in the portfolios already purchased and structured from ca. 2005 through 2008 — especially with regard to refinancing, disposals, and optimized asset management.
The Israeli-German Chamber of Industry & Commerce and GvW Graf von Westphalen in cooperation with Atoz, BulwienGesa, and Helaba cordially invite you to a conference highlighting the core issues for investments in Europe’s real estate safe haven.
We will be providing you with first-hand market information, elaborating on financing schemes and tax structures, and giving insights into the legal framework. Each section will open with a short keynote and be followed by a Q&A session.

Empire Riverside Hotel Hamburg

Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 97

20359 Hamburg

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