GvW Veranstaltung

17 September 2020

Spot­light on Sanc­tions-re­la­ted risk and new trade controls: A Spec­ialized Sess­ion for Com­pli­ance Pro­fess­io­nals in Ger­many

During the session, leading experts including GvW Partner Dr Gerd Schwendinger will address the risks and regulatory expectations associated with various sanctions programs that may impact German businesses and financial institutions. In depth case studies highlight sanctions-related risk specific to Germany will be detailed, followed by a discussion of implications and legal ramifications.

The case studies and discussion will focus on sanctions-related risk and export controls with a Germany nexus pertaining to:

  • Iran
  • Russia
  • International Trade and Maritime Networks
  • Export Controls
  • BIS Military End-Use/End-User Rule

Further information you'll find here.