GvW Veranstaltung

20 Juni 2022

Legal and Busi­ness Ethics

The FASPE approach to Legal and Business Ethics differs from the traditional university classroom experience or law-firm or corporate training effort. We utilize profiles and case studies of professionals in Nazi Germany to frame and introduce conversations of contemporary importance. This historical lens illustrates that the ethical and moral codes governing how pro-fessionals approach their tasks can break down or be distorted with devastating consequences. FASPE uses this experience of the perpetrators to surface fundamental questions regarding “business as usual” thinking. We invite participants to examine their own conceptions of what it means to be a responsible professional.

FASPE and GvW invites participants to engage in historical analysis and thoughtful discussion so that we might be better equipped to identify potential ethical issues before rushing to conclusions and to seek more effective means of considering these issues in light of our personal ambitions and competing agendas.

We are looking forward to exciting discussions. Ethics and law is of great interest to you as a General Counsel. For more informations please click here.


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